Our W Seltzer range is full-flavoured yet refreshing, without any residual sweetness. It also happens to be naturally gluten free, low in sugar and low in carbs. It's the sessionable summertime drink you didn't know you were missing!


These hard seltzers are designed with the hot and humid Aussie climate in mind and are the perfect accessory to all of your summer activities – whether you're looking to cool off at the beach, enjoying a park hang with mates or bringing a few tinnies along to a barbecue.


Since our small-batch hard seltzers are brewed using all-natural ingredients, they taste like real lime, real mango and real berries – not like the lolly flavourings you get with standard RTDs (Ready To Drink packaged beverages). The result is an alcoholic beverage that is crystal clear and easy drinking, with a clean and crisp finish.

W Seltzer is proudly made by Wayward Brewing Co, an independent brewery based in the Inner West of Sydney. That means every Seltzer you buy is supporting a local business, not a huge multinational.

Our team spent over a year perfecting our Hard Seltzer recipe in three refreshing flavours, we hope you love them as much as we do!



1. First, we boil up rice and sugar (don't worry - this is just to feed the yeast - it gets fermented out later!)

2. Then, we add a few hops and some natural yeast food

3. Next, a strong neutral yeast is added and we ferment
    until all
the sugars are gone

4. Once fermented, we filter to ensure no nasties are left

5. Lastly, we carbonate and add natural fruit flavours