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W SELTZER is part of the WAYWARD BREWING CO family. We're an independent brewery in Sydney's Inner West, known best for our boundary pushing craft beers. As much as we love our hazy IPAs and sour ales, there are times where we find ourselves reaching for something lighter, less carby and low calorie. SOMETHING SESSIONABLE THAT YOU CAN SIP ALL NIGHT WITHOUT THE HEADACHE THE NEXT DAY.


After discussing it over clock off drinks one Friday, our brew team started to trial batches of seltzer - initially as a bit of fun - but when we tasted it we started to take the idea of creating a seltzer brand more seriously. We watched other seltzer brands crop up across the country, but we didn't let that rush our process.  IT TOOK JUST UNDER A YEAR FOR US TO PERFECT OUR SELTZER RECIPE, and we like to think it was worth the wait! 

W SELTZER is everything we wanted it to be - full flavoured yet thirst quenching, made using ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS and REAL FRUIT EXTRACT. It's a refreshingly different hard seltzer that's crystal clear with bold fruit flavours and a clean, crisp finish. The best part is each can contains just 99 CALORIES, 1.4g CARBS and LESS THAN 1g SUGAR. W SELTZER is brewed using a rice base, making it NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE


We love having a great tasting, guilt free bevvie option to break up our Friday clock off beers, and we hope you enjoy our seltzers as much as we do! 

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WAYWARD BREWING CO. is a proudly independent company. This means it isn't owned by a large corporate, but a group of local mates who are passionate about crafting the best booze money can buy.

Put simply, every can of W SELTZER supports our small Australian owned business, rather than a large multi-national. 

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